WeShop AI User Manual and Tutorial


I. About WeShop AI

WeShop AI is a leading image generation AI tool, dedicated to the intelligent generation of e-commerce model and product images. E-Commerce sellers and brands are no longer constrained by models, agents, photographers, post-production, or travel expenses. While efficiently producing high-quality product images, you can significantly reduce shooting costs. With WeShop AI, your mouse becomes the shutter, and a click reveals the final image.

Login and Registration:

Login URL: https://www.weshop.ai/

Registration Method: Click on “Sign in” at the top right corner, enter your email address and verification code to register.

User Personal Information:

After logging in successfully, click on your profile picture to access the “My Profile” page.

The “My Profile” page includes:

WeShop AI My Profile

Note: The ‘Pro’ tag is only eligible for users with points

II. Introduction to WeShop AI

1. Open the WeShop AI official website: https://www.weshop.ai/

2. Click “Get Started” to explore our three main modules: AI Agents, AI Tools, and AI Model Agency.

AI Agents: This module provides two core functions of WeShop AI: AI Model and AI Product. We offer a vast array of popular AI models and the most sought-after commercial photography scenes to meet the image generation needs of various platforms and channels.

AI Tools: This module offers additional functions to enhance AI commerce photography, saving on post-production costs. It includes features such as background removal, image enhancer, intelligent lighting – Relight, text to image, and image to image etc. to meet the demands of different users.

AI Model Agency: WeShop AI’s model resource library gathers real models from different countries and styles to ensure you find the perfect match for your needs.

Through all these features, we aim to provide you with efficient, convenient, and diverse AI photography services.

Additionally, you can directly click the “Upload Image” button to immediately enter the workspace to start working on it. You can also access the workspace by clicking “My Workspace.” In the dropdown menu, you will see our two core modules: AI Model and AI Product. Click “Free Trial” to start experiencing the features.

3. My Workspace

After familiarizing yourself with the basic navigation of WeShop AI, let’s proceed with ‘My Workspace‘. The left side features the detailed workspace navigation, while the right-hand side, under “What’s New,” contains WeShop AI’s blog content. Here, you will find the latest AI news, detailed usage guides, and updates on WeShop AI’s latest product developments. Through these blogs, you can gain a deeper understanding of WeShop AI and learn how to quickly and accurately use WeShop AI for image generation.

All your image generation tasks on WeShop AI can be accomplished through the two core features: AI Model and AI Product. Additionally, we offer a suite of advanced AI tools, including background removal, Upscale, Relight, image2image, and text2image to meet your refined image generation needs.

3.1) AI Model

AI Model agent could easily generate consistent AI digital models and professional e-commerce photography scenes. In the model shop, we offer hundreds of AI models of various nationalities, styles, genders, and age groups. Similarly, in the location store, we have over 150 popular e-commerce photography scenes. Based on your brand’s style, you can efficiently select suitable AI models and AI photography scenes from our Model Shop and Location Shop, generating diverse AI photography images that cater to global market demands.

Step 1 – Upload Image

Upload the original image. WeShop AI will automatically perform clothing segmentation on the image. If you wish to adjust the mask selected area, you can click “Edit” for further editing, or upload a mask image (PNG format, not recommended for beginners).

Step 2 – Edit Selection

After uploading the image, select the area to keep unchanged. Below, you will find supplementary selection tools. If you want to adjust the image further, click “Reset” to edit the mask area again.

The “Invert” function is useful for retaining large areas of the original image. Instead of selecting each part manually, simply choose the parts you want to change, such as the face or limbs. For example, after selecting the model face and body, click “Invert,” and the background and clothing will be preserved, allowing you to adjust the model only.

If you need more precise segmentation, such as for details like summer tops or complex hand gestures, use the brush tool to adjust the selection. The brush size is adjustable, and an eraser is available for fine-tuning.

Step 3 – Choose AI Model

After selecting the clothing, choose an AI model. WeShop offers a wide range of AI models, covering all ethnicities and age groups. Users can also create their exclusive models.

We categorize models into different groups: Male, Female, Child, Age 45+. You can tick the box to quickly filter the models that you’re looking for.

Click “Model Shop” to view all models. AI models provided by WeShop include consistent and random models. Consistent models have individual names whoes generated image will have fixed appearances, while numbered models have randomly generated faces, and the avatar only represent the gender and style. For example, a consistent model named Amir, and the random model is #012.

Let me show you examples of generated images of consistent model and random model. Let’s use the consistent model Camille and the random model #004.

Let’s see the results.

Original Images:

WeShop AI generated images of model Camille

WeShop AI generated images of model #004

To create your own exclusive model, click “Create Your Model,” enter the model’s name, upload at least one image (dimensions greater than 512, aspect ratio less than 2), select a Face type, and click confirm.

Please note❗️: Ensure you own the copyright for the model that you created. WeShop will not be responsible for any copyright disputes or infringements. After successful creation, once done, you could select your model in Model Shop.

Let me show you an example of a consistent model, Camille, who carries a sweet and lolita style. Her generated images are as below:

Step 4: Select Location

Finally, we can proceed to select the AI location.

Island-Seaside Town Street
Island-Seaside Town Street
Island-Seaside Town Street
Island-Seaside Town Main Street / Retro
Island-Seaside Town Main Street / Sunny Day
Island-Seaside Town Main Street / Night

Step 5: Prompt Description (Optional)

After selecting your desired location, you can choose to describe your image:

(Note: We support prompts in all languages, but each paragraph must be in the same language.)

Step 6: Generate

Let me show you the difference between Free Creation and Refer to the Original image. Please take a look at the example below: Location is【European seaside town】

Please note❗️: Different number of images will consume different amounts of computing points.

Step 7: Confirm Images

Please note❗️: Download and full-size image preview require are only available for Pro users.

AI female model Benedetta AI scene – lush
AI Female Model-Bianca AI Scene-Hotel Lobby
AI female model-Saira AI scene-Light mud warm coffee
AI Female Model-Zhuorina AI Scene-None

AI male model-Arthur AI scene-Villa courtyard
AI Male Model-Amir AI Scene-Japanese Cafe
AI Male Model-Jin Junhe AI ​​Scene-Cafe
AI Male Model#009 AI Scene-Japanese Cafe
AI Child Model-Debbie AI Scene-Bookshelf Wall
AI Child Model-Debbie AI Scene-Pure Color Studio
AI Child Model-Anastasia AI Scene-Same as above
AI Child Model-Luca AI Scene-None
AI Middle-aged Model-Kovac Victor AI Scene-None
AI middle-aged model-Darnell AI scene-describe the spell
AI Middle-aged Model-Elizabeth Weber AI Scene-Describing Spell
AI middle-agedmodel-Okawa Misao AI scene-pure color studio

3.2) AI Product

Create stunning product images with few clicks from anywhere. Easily generate product images with professional commercial photography effects. Whether it’s home decor, cosmetics, trendy toys, bags, or shoes and accessories, AI product can create realistic product scene images. For detailed operating procedures, refer to the above and AI Product tutorials.

AI Product Generated Image Examples:

3.3) AI Tools

In addition to AI Model and AI Product mentioned above, we provide additional tools: Remove background, Upscale, Relight, image-to-image generation, and text-to-image generation. You can access each specific tool workspace through the left sidebar, or you can access thru clicking the option next to the download button when previewing images generated by AI Model and AI Product.

【Send to other features】

3.3.1) Remove BG

Remove backgrounds is ideal for brand merchants or cross-border e-commerce sellers who need white or solid color backgrounds.

Solid Color Background
Solid Color Background

White Background】
White Background】

Transparent Background】
Transparent Background】

Background Removal version 2.0: The generated images will now retain the same dimensions as the original images, no longer scaling to 1024 size. Additionally, only one image will be generated at a time, which only consume 10 points, enhancing the speed of image creation.

3.3.2) Image Enhancer

Whether you want to convert blurry images to high-definition, enhance product details (such as accessories and bags), or handle and retain special fabric details (such as sweaters, cashmere, silk, etc.), image enhancer feature will meet your needs.

【Original image】
【4K General】
【Original image】
【Edge Sharpening】
【Original image】
【Detail Preservation】

3.3.3) Relight

For business owners operating across multiple platforms, “Relight” is a must-have tool. In just a few seconds, effortlessly add lighting and shadow effects to your products, meeting the refined needs of various platforms.

【Background Light】
【Light and shadow angle】

More examples of Relight:

【Field Flowers】

3.3.4) Image-to-image

Image-to-images bring unprecedented changes to creativity and design.

3.3.5) Text-to-image images

Text becomes a vivid image

Please note❗️: The image-to-image and text-to-image tools are recommended primarily for users who are already familiar with AI-based image editing tools. This feature allows you to make complex adjustments to your images, but it requires a certain level of expertise and additional learning to use effectively.

4) Previous Version

Under the AI Tools section, we have retained the old agents including: Mannequin, Model, Product, Toys, and Children. We would recommend to start using AI Model and AI Product since they are our latest version and they will deliver the best results.

5) Saved Photos

Click the 【star mark】
【My Saved Photos】

6) Best Examples

【Best Example】
【Try it】
【AI Template】

7) Plans and Pricing

AI Computing Power Points

“AI points” is used for computational tasks and applications related to artificial intelligence (AI). AI Computing Power Points empower users to generate images, render, download, and participate in community activities within WeShop.

We give out 200 free points for new signups and you could earn free points for referrals.

New users receive a complimentary 200 computing power points upon registration.
When the invitee registers via the link sent by the referrer, the referrer can receive a referral reward.


API Service

We have just rolled out our API service, and users could integrate WeShop API into your business for efficiency. For further details, please refer to our API Doc.

Enterprise Plan

Customized services based on individual needs. We’re committed to deeply understanding your needs and providing you with the best service.

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