WeShop AI’s Relight Feature Upgrade


Relight Feature Upgrade

We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our original “Relight” feature at WeShop AI! Our latest update brings an unprecedented level of naturalness and seamless integration of lighting with your products. Now, in addition to our extensive background library, you can choose to preserve the original background of your images while applying the advanced relighting effects. This innovation allows your products to maintain their unique style and authenticity while benefiting from enhanced, harmonious lighting. Experience the new “Relight” feature and elevate your product presentations to new heights!

WeShopo AI Relight agent

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing examples of the upgraded Relight feature.

Relight Best Example – Portrait/Model/Human

Original image:

I choose to keep the original background.

You chould choose the light angles here, and I choose four angles.

Hit generate and see the results.

Left Light
Right Light
Top Left Light
Top Right Light

Four generated images looks amazing! Let try changing the background to [Paris]:

Paris-Left Light
Paris-Right Light
Paris-Top Left Lgiht
Paris-Top Right Light

Relight Showcases – Product

By simply capturing a basic shot, you can transform it with our intelligent lighting effects. The enhanced Relight feature adds layers and depth to the scene, making your products look more appealing and sophisticated. Whether it’s a close-up of a piece of jewellery or a wide shot of a beautifully set table, the upgraded Relight feature ensures your images are rich with texture and high-end lighting.

WeShop AI Relight: Keep the origianl background, Right Light
WeShop AI Relight: Sill background, Top Right Light

Huge Updates of WeShop AI Relight

1. Natural and Sophisticated Lighting Integration

The upgraded Relight feature seamlessly integrates lighting with both subjects and scenes, achieving a natural and sophisticated effect. This ensures that your visuals are not only captivating but also true to their original style and setting.

2. Superior Portrait Lighting

When it comes to portrait photography, the upgraded Relight feature works wonders. The lighting adjusts intelligently to complement the subject, creating a harmonious blend that highlights features and adds depth. The result is a series of portraits that look professionally lit, with each element in the image working together to create a stunning visual.

3. Exceptional Product Photography

Our Relight feature isn’t just for portraits. Product photography also reaches new heights with this upgrade.

4. Personalization with Background Retention

One of the most exciting aspects of our Relight upgrade is the ability to retain the original background while applying intelligent lighting. This new option allows you to keep the unique atmosphere of your original scene while enhancing it with natural and sophisticated lighting effects. This personalized touch makes your products and portraits look even more authentic and engaging.

Experience the power of advanced lighting technology with WeShop AI’s upgraded Relight feature. Elevate your visuals and captivate your audience with images that truly shine.

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