A Few Strokes of Drawing to Perfect the Generated Image for Your E-Commerce Store

Lynn Lin

Imperfections of AI

Do you struggle to get AI image generators to create exactly what you want? Despite detailed text prompts or templates, the results never seem to match your vision. This is understandable – text has limits in conveying abstract ideas. Even long descriptions can’t compare to a simple hand-drawn sketch.

The good news is you can guide AI image generation with quick sketches. Many generators reference the original image. A blank white background provides no direction. By sketching on top, you give the AI more context to work with.

How? Step by Step

For example, start with a white product photo. Add some basic shapes and lines with your mouse or touchpad to indicate the positioning of features, logos, text, etc. The AI uses your sketch to craft a more accurate final render.

In short, hand-drawn elements on a blank canvas allow you to communicate visual concepts clearly. AI will follow your sketches like a visual prompt. Give it a try to create product images that perfectly match your brand!

We will then use prompt (this would work in text description as well!) – A European man under a church arch, with European ancient architecture beside him. Let’s see the result!

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