The Impact of AI on E-Commerce: 6 Helpful Tools for Sellers in 2023

Lynn Lin

Artificial intelligence (AI), especially generative AI is transforming how businesses operate, and e-commerce is no exception. With the rise of AI, sellers now have access to a wide range of intelligent tools that can optimize different parts of the customer journey and boost sales.

In this blog post, we will look at 6 of the top AI-powered tools (in no particular order) that e-commerce sellers should consider using in 2023 across popular platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

1. Anthropic’s Claude – AI Copywriting Assistant

One of the top AI tools for e-commerce is Anthropic, an AI assistant that can generate high-quality product listings, marketing copy, and other content. Anthropic is trained on human writing data and can craft natural language to describe products in an engaging way. This helps drive more clicks and conversions.

2. Syte – Visual AI for Ecommerce

Syte leverages AI and machine learning for visual search and recommendations. The tool can automatically tag products based on visual attributes. This powers visual search for shoppers, helps surface similar items, and enables personalized recommendations.

3. WeShop AI – Model & Product Photo Creator

Introducing WeShop AI, an AI tool that can generate high-quality model and product photos with just a few clicks. It elevates brands by producing diverse virtual model images, switching scenes and model types, and creating stunning product images.

4. Twilio – AI Chatbots & Conversational Commerce

Twilio Flex is a contact center platform that allows sellers to set up AI-powered chatbots for conversational commerce. Chatbots can qualify leads, answer questions, recommend products, and accept orders 24/7. This creates more sales opportunities.

5. Privy – AI-Powered SMS & Email Marketing

Privy optimizes SMS & email campaigns through AI. It provides real-time recommendations for subject lines, timing, segmentation, and other aspects of email marketing. Automated AI insights, along with an AI email helperimprove open rates, clicks, and customer engagement.

6. ChatGPT – AI Chatbot Assistant

Similar to Anthropic, ChatGPT is a powerful conversational AI chatbot that can help e-commerce sellers by providing detailed answers to product-related questions, generating marketing copy, creating FAQs, and automating customer support conversations. Its human-like responses can assist with various text-based tasks.

Adopting AI for Ecommerce Success

These are just a few of the top AI tools that are enabling sellers to scale success on today’s major e-commerce platforms. AI can drive improvements in model photo generation, product photo generation, product discovery, personalization, conversion rate optimization, customer engagement, and more.

By adopting the right AI tools for their needs, e-commerce businesses can work smarter, sell more, and stay ahead of the competition. The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence will continue to shape the future of retail and shopping.

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