Discover WeShop AI New Relight Feature: Illuminate Your Product Photography


WeShop AI is excited to introduce its latest feature, Relight, designed to transform your product photos with unparalleled ease and sophistication. This groundbreaking tool not only enhances light effects but also offers advanced background customization to suit your products perfectly.

AI Light Effects with WeShop AI Relight

Lighting can make or break a product photo. With WeShop AI Relight, you can easily adjust the lighting on your images to highlight your products in the best possible way. Whether you need a bright, crisp look for a summer collection or a warm, cozy feel for winter wear, Relight provides the tools to create the perfect ambiance. WeShop AI utilizes AI technology to automatically analyze your images and enhance light effects.

Key Features:

Relight Templates

WeShop AI offers Relight Templates. Simply choose from our diverse range of templates, and in just a few clicks, you can transform the lighting and background of your photos to perfectly suit your products. Whether you need to brighten up an image, add dramatic shadows, or completely change the scene, our Relight templates make it quick and simple for your photo light edits.

WeShop AI Relight Templates

Light Edits

In addition to the templates, WeShop AI also offer users to change the light direction, more light edits features.

WeShop AI Relight change light directions

Enhance and Customize Backgrounds

Beyond lighting, the background of a product image plays a crucial role in setting the scene and conveying the right message to your audience. Relight allows you to change and enhance backgrounds effortlessly, providing endless possibilities to showcase your products in various settings.

Relight Q&As

Why relight an image?

Lighting is crucial in photography. Professional photographers use complex lighting setups in studios to create stunning portraits. Conventional photo editing software can only perform basic light adjustments, such as making an image brighter or adjusting contrast, and cannot manipulate lighting as a photographer would in a studio.

With WeShop AI, a large artificial neural network trained on extensive image datasets, it is now possible to relight images. By adding light into the scene after the photo is taken, you can significantly enhance the image, even in high resolutions.

How does WeShop AI Relight work?

WeShop AI Relight is a feature designed to enhance product images by adjusting the lighting. It uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the existing lighting in an image and then intelligently modifies it to improve the overall visual appeal.

This feature can be particularly useful for e-commerce businesses, as it can help make product images look more professional and appealing to potential customers. By adjusting the lighting, WeShop AI Relight can highlight the key features of a product and make it stand out more in online listings.

How to use WeShop AI Relight?

  1. upload your original image
  2. Choose a template
  3. Hit Generate

Relight Showcase

One of the standout examples of WeShop AI Relight in action is a fragrance product that I am trying to enhance its product photography. Captured under less-than-ideal lighting conditions, the images lacked the vibrancy needed to showcase the luxurious garments. Using WeShop AI Relight, they transformed this photo by dynamically adjusting the lighting to create a more professional studio-quality appearance. The result was stunning: the product appeared more vibrant, the textures were highlighted, and the overall aesthetic was elevated, significantly boosting its online presence. This case perfectly demonstrates the power of AI-driven relighting to turn ordinary images into extraordinary showcases, tailored to meet the brand’s high standards.

Candlelit Desktop Template
WeShop AI Relight Makeup Vanity Template
Makeup Vanity Template

Check out below for more Relight best exmaples.

User-Friendly Interface

WeShop AI now has a complete overhaul of our user interface, enhancing every aspect from the feature page to the workspace. Our new design offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, making it easier than ever to navigate and utilize our powerful tools. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to make sophisticated changes with just a few clicks.

Stay Updated with WeShop AI

Our commitment to continuous improvement means that WeShop AI will keep evolving with more features and enhancements. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates, tips, and best practices. Learn how to make the most out of Relight and other features to optimize your e-commerce imagery.

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