Breaking New Feature – Text Description. Create High-Converting Photos in Any Language

Lynn Lin

Text Description function launched!

As an easy-to-use AI e-commerce tool, we should meet everyone’s needs and the Text Description function was created for this purpose. Just write down the images in your mind in any language, and you can easily get high-standard commercial photos!

Describe the image you want to generate, in ANY language, for example:

You can also provide extremely detailed descriptions of elements such as characters, locations, actions, time, weather, environment, props, atmosphere, etc., and simultaneously specify the shooting technique, such as “shot with an iPhone, gaze directed at the camera, deep depth of field.”

Let us share some examples made with the newly launched text description function:

Mannequin Photo Example

Step 1: Upload the original mannequin photo, select the unchanged area desired (For basic guide, please refer to User Guide, Tips for Template Module, and other detailed explanations.

Step 2: We used both Spanish and French in Text Description, shown below

Text in Spanish
Text in French

Step 3: Look at what WeShop AI has generated in both tasks!

WeShop AI generated using Text Description in French
WeShop AI generated using Text Description in Spanish

Let’s try another mannequin photo in Portuguese: uma linda mulher negra, em pé em um gramado no Tennessee, mãos para baixo, sorrindo, olhando diretamente para a câmera

WeShop AI generated using Text Description in Portuguese

Model Photo Example

Let’s try on this male swimsuit using Text Description in Korean: 멋진 흰인 혼혈 남성이 수영장에서 건장한 체격으로 서 있다

WeShop AI generated using Text Description in Korean

Product Photo Example

How can we miss the Barbie hype! Revive your inner ’90s girl with this Barbie accessory bag. An Instagram-worthy makeup pouch decked out in throwback mattel charm.

Certainly, you can use English in Text Description: a retro-fab Barbie doll bag in a Pink Barbie’s Dream House, background is pink and cute

Now that’s a wrap for Text Description. Simply describe the product photo you want in any language – Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, etc. Powerful multilingual AI will generate a high-quality, commercial-grade image. Drive more sales by creating product images localized for international audiences. Input text prompts tailored for specific demographics and cultures for better engagement.

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