AI Model & AI Product – Groundbreaking New Features from WeShop AI


We are thrilled to introduce our milestone feature launch of the year – ‘AI Model’ feature! This groundbreaking AI model allows users to create consistent AI models across all clothing and product images tailored to their specific needs. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create your ai generated female and male models and use them continuously.

WeShop AI has developed a new AI model fine-tuning technology. This technology greatly enhances the possibility and efficiency of generating AI models, now taking just a tenth of the original time, and allows for the creation of highly realistic AI models with just a few photos.

WeShop AI is proud to invite you to experience the new “AI Model” feature, now let’s dress a mannequin and a model together!

AI Model and AI Product

‘AI Model’ and ‘AI product‘ are located in the workspace interface’s upper left corner. Click “AI Model” to enter your workspace. WeShop AI has integrated the original [Model], [Mannequin] and [Children] functions into AI Model, while [Product Photo] and [Toy Photo] are integrated into AI Product.

Model Shop

InModel ShopWeShop AI offers a variety of models with different appearances, genders, and races for you to choose from. This is the same as the previous [Template]; just click to quickly apply.

Consistent AI Generated Female and Male Models

Models with independent names refer to fashion models where the generated model will precisely match the specified avatar shown such as one of our favorites – Alison below. By selecting the avatar, you can view detailed profile and preview images of the model on the left side. Models with numerical names represent randomly generated models (consistent with previous functions). The avatar only represents model style and gender.

How to Create Your Own AI Model?

To create your own AI model, simply click the “Create Your Model” button, and upload up to four clear facial photos of the same model from different angles. Note that if the uploaded images are not clear, WeShop AI will prompt you to replace them with more suitable photos. Then, you can choose the face type meaning natural or influencer vibe for the new model, as different visual styles will produce different models even from the same set of images. In less than a minute, the newly created model will be in your model shop under “Yours”.

Let’s take a look at our AI Models!

AI Product Shooting and Photography

WeShop AI offers more than just AI models; we also updated our AI Product feature. Let’s take a look at the results!

Extensive Location Templates for AI Product Photography – Location Shop

In addition to personalized AI model customization, WeShop AI also provides a brand new, extensive commercial shooting scene template library. Whether you need a serene beach backdrop, a bustling cityscape, or a minimalist studio setting, we have you covered. These templates are designed to complement your products and enhance their visual appeal.

Click “Location Shop,” and you will find that WeShop AI has meticulously categorized various scenes to meet your diverse e-commerce shooting needs. Whether it’s natural landscapes, urban street scenes, or cafes, you can find suitable templates here.

AI Write For You

If the model or scene you need is not in WeShop AI’s templates, you can add it in the text description area below. In the description, detail the content you want to generate in the image, supporting any language. Use commas to separate sentences or words, without other punctuation. You can specifically describe elements such as characters, locations, actions, time, weather, environment, props, and atmosphere, and specify the desired shooting techniques.

If there are specific contents you do not want in the image, you can list the unwanted words or phrases in the Negative prompt section. For instance, if you don’t want rain and cloudy days, just write “rain, cloudy day” instead of “no rain, no cloudy day.”

If you lack inspiration, you can use intelligent filling function ‘AI Enter’ in the top right corner of the description box. Also, WeShop AI will automatically save recent usage records in ‘Prompt Record’.

Key Highlights of ‘AI Model’:

We aim to provide every customer with a more convenient and intelligent image generation experience. The unprecedented achievements of AI Models are:

  1. Consistency: Maintain a consistent look across all your product images.
  2. Customization: Able to create you own unique AI super models tailored to your brand.
  3. Variety: Access a wide range of location templates to suit any product
  4. Ease of Use: Benefit from AI Copilot to streamline the creation process

We are excited for you to explore the possibilities with our ‘AI Model’ feature. Elevate your visual content and create stunning, professional images effortlessly with WeShop AI.

Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to innovate and improve your experience!

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